Ninja Smart Grill… first use!

I had been looking at getting something that was multi use and included a dehydrator. Someone suggested Ninja and when I found out they have an indoor grill they love it got me thinking. I must admit I do miss having someone who can grill…. and is good at it. I am terrible, I’ve tried a few times and either overcook and end up with dry meat or I have so many cuts in it to check on it I’ve butchered it. I looked at a ton of reviews and went with the Ninja Foodi Smart Grill XL. The main selling point for me was the “smart” lol. You (supposedly) can’t over cook meat on it. It has a meat thermometer and once it reaches the desired temp shuts off.

Thanks to the limited selection on a last minute trip to the grocery store I ended up with Filet Mignon! Might as well spoil myself with a nice steak dinner right? I was a little nervous, but I read the directions and was amazed at the outcome. I sprayed the grill grate with Pam grilling high heat formula before preheating. I used a smidge of butter rubbed on both sides to help the steak seasoning I picked out stick and got started. After turning on the unit you select your type of meat and the desired doneness. I used the manual to determine what setting I wanted and went with number 8 (medium well).

I followed the steps and allowed it to preheat and inserted the meat thermometer into the steak. Once it was done preheating it read “add food” on the screen (dummy proof!). I watched and as the steak cooked it showed not only the internal temp rising but also updated from rare to medium, etc as it cooked based on the internal temp!

I did make sure to flip it after about 5 minutes. Once it reached the correct temp it beeped, shut off and told me it was done!

When I opened the lid it started the “resting” timer so I didn’t have to keep an eye on that either. For those that don’t know (I just learned this by the way) some foods continue to cook once removed from the heat source and have certain times to “rest” before you cut in and start eating. So not only did this make grilling easier it also taught me a new lesson! Rest scrolled across the screen while it also displayed the timer.

The steak turned out amazing, definitely worth the purchase! Next I’m going to try my hand at dried green beans to hopefully help my kids, and myself eat more veggies.

I also picked out a few of the recipes in the book that was included I can’t wait to try.

All in all, I’m glad I made this purchase and I am finally able to be happy with what I grill.

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