September Already?

It’s hard to believe it’s September already!!! For some crazy reason I already have holiday baking on the brain. I think part of it is because I missed the last few years due to kids and last year just not being in the holiday spirit with the looming divorce.

This year, I’m already making my list of potential recipes and searching on Amazon for boxes to fill and give away to everyone. I want to try my hand at truffles this year as well as a few others, my sweet tooth will love them all.

I guess the holidays really start with Halloween and I’m not sure I’m even going to get costumes for the kids this year with the whole COVID situation I won’t be taking them to any fall carnivals and don’t see a point in spending the money on costumes just to snap a picture. I’m thinking pumpkin carving, a little house decorating and leave it at that for Halloween this year.

I’m not sure if or when the holidays will ever be the same as they were, but I look forward to starting new traditions this year and doing it with my kids.

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