Life’s Adjustments

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted so figured it was time to get back into it. With the divorce still going on I feel like a mix of still adjusting and I’ve got this.

Little Man has been doing great. He was evaluated by a neuropsychologist and they diagnosed him with ADHD and said he’s showing some markers for Autism. Not enough to diagnosis him but enough to keep and eye on and might lead to a diagnosis next year when he gets re-evaluated. She also recommended I get him enrolled in the development delayed preschool which starts at age 3 to help him with adjusting to school. She also suggested he begin speech and occupational therapy. With everything going on with COVID it’s been hard to get everything going with those and I was making calls and sending emails like crazy to get this rolling. I finally got a break when my sister said a friend of hers recommended a charter school that offers all of that.

Sissy is doing great, she’s running around and chasing Little Man all around the house. Her last two appointments they have been watching her iron levels and with how low they are trying to add as much iron as I can with how picky she can be. The two “favorites” we seem to be enjoying from the list of recommended foods from the pediatrician are spinach and hummus. I’ve started making smoothies again and adding in the spinach for mine and the kids. Both kids love smoothies so it’s been easy to get those servings in and Little Man loves to help with making them. I’m not a fan of hummus but picked some up and when I was cutting up strawberries to freeze them for smoothies Sissy was ready for snack so I thought why not…. I dipped a piece of strawberry in the hummus and let her try. At first she spit it out but the hummus stayed in her mouth and only the strawberry cake out lol. She reached for the strawberry and ate it, then she was hooked. She would eat a piece then reach for more.

Now for me….. man have I been busy. I’ve almost gotten the front yard “up to par”. I’ve been mowing and staying on top of that but the edging and trimming have been neglected for a long time. I managed to get all of the edging done (it was so bad it was meeting together in the middle of the sidewalk in places). It took about 4 yard waste bags just for the sidewalk, not counting the driveway and roadway. Then spent some hours getting the front walk, driveway and sidewalk pressure washed. It feels good to get home and see how much progress I’ve done, and I’ve done on my own. Makes me feel proud of myself to see what I’ve accomplished and maintained.

Next is to clean up along the house and eventually install a rock bed with potted plants. I hope doing it that way it’s less weeding for me to keep up with. I also want to do a rock bed around the AC unit in the back and a fence or lattice around it.

Well that’s the just of what’s going on here. Thinking I might start posting some recipes in the near future and hopefully this time keep up with posting on here.

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