2020, New Year, New Me

I’ve never really been a fan of New Years resolutions, but this year I’m going to “take advantage” of the new year. I’ve decided that I need to do whatever it takes to make me happy and do what’s important for my kids. After all if mommas not happy it makes parenting that much harder.

I’m not making a New Years resolution, but I am going to continue to work on myself. Continue to see a counselor, work on myself mentally and work on improving my good qualities and getting past bad habits.

I did jump on the new year, new fitness bandwagon though. I started a 30 day overall beginner fitness challenge. I decided to start on New Years Day for a few reasons. One, starting day one on the first of the month makes it easier to remember what day I’m on. Two, I figure I can do one 30 day challenge a month. Not all will be fitness related, some will be a mental/emotional challenge, some a relaxation challenge. I choose to start with a fitness challenge because physical activity does make you feel better. I started with an easy/beginner one so each day as it progresses I can continue to be proud of myself for what I’m accomplishing. It also gives me a baseline for what I can do.

In working on being happy and less stressed I have also decided that I need to work on not over analyzing things so much. Even thinking into someone’s actions and possible outcomes of how it could affect me. It just causes more stress and worry and I don’t need that. That’s part of why my 30 day challenges will include mental/emotional challenges, just not sure how or what yet.

Have you ever done a 30 day challenge? Did you make it through all 30 days? Was it easier or harder than you anticipated?

Do you have any suggestions for 30 day challenges I could do?

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