Routine for Kids during Separation

Being currently separated I am trying my best to keep things as normal and routine for the kids. I stick to bedtime and every night I deal with Little Man getting his eye patch on top of making sure bottles are washed, dirty clothes from the day are stain treated so the spit up doesn’t settle in and ruin the clothes. When I plan a fun outing I doing it so it works around nap time and doesn’t mess with their routines. Their father on the other hand has done the complete opposite tonight and I’m so frustrated. I was scheduled to work late so asked him if he could take off early (with his work schedule he is never able to pick up the kids after work) and pick up the kids then he could take Little Man with him once I got home from work. He fed Sissy and got her down for bed, and he took the dog out. Didn’t wash or even rinse bottles from the day, their dirty soiled clothes (Little Man must have leaked through his pull up and they put it in a plastic bag so the smell is confined and is harsh) were still in their bags. He didn’t stick around to help out at all, and then proceeded to skip doing Little Mans eye patch so they could go out and have fun which also led to him being out well past his bedtime.

I’m so pissed off that not only did he not help out with taking care of his kids things for the day (when he has them on Tuesdays as his day with them he does it, so to me picking up the kids on a Friday he has them so he is responsible for that) but then proceeds to skip a medical treatment which I have found when he skips one night of wearing the patch Little Man takes that and runs with it not wanting it the next night either. So I’m the one left to have that battle because their father isn’t around for that fun. Top it off with going to bed late which most likely will lead to nap being off tomorrow which will most likely follow with bedtime being off for me so he gets to have fun while I get to battle getting everything back on track.

I feel so abused (no not physically, but emotionally) because I’m trying to do everything I can to keep things as normal as possible for the kids, keep the things that have to be done around the house done, and he gets to do crap like this. I feel like he is being selfish with this whole thing tonight. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that, but I don’t think he realizes how him having his fun time will affect Little Man and how it will affect me with Little Man tomorrow. But as he says, it will be fine. I hope for his sake it is.

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