A Two Year Old and Glasses

Well it’s official, Little Man now has glasses as of last night. Less than 24 hours and they are already broken!

Let me start from the beginning. Last week on Sunday Little Man started squinting for brief periods of time and it continued Monday so we called his neurosurgeon. My thoughts, as with everything with him now, went straight to it being pressure related and it must be related to his Hydro. The nurse over the phone said it sounded like he might have something in his eye to go to the eye doctor (I then got a brief lecture on us not having one already) or his pediatrician. Since we didn’t have an eye doctor we booked an appointment with his pediatrician for the next day. Tuesday morning he saw the pediatrician and they did a quick eye test with a funky camera. Turns out he is really farsighted in his right eye (the one he kept squinting) but his left eye is good. They referred us to an eye doctor.

He sees the eye doctor who confirms he is farsighted and astigmatism in his right eye. We get glasses ordered and are told once they come in we need to patch his good eye once a day for an hour.

His glasses come in and get picked up Wednesday after work. He has about an hour of wearing them at home doing really good. He even got upset when he couldn’t sleep with them on. Next day in the morning he is ok with wearing them but has a few times of not wanting to. Talk to daycare about him wearing them other than nap time and give them the case with the cleaning cloth and for them to be placed in during nap.

Pick Little Man up and find out his glasses are already broken! I’m so upset I’m not able to fully understand what happened (there is a slight language barrier with his teacher but not much) and only understand one kid was trying to pull them away and he would take them off to play because it looked like they would fall so he just took them off and would set them down next to him.

I know we need to get a strap but I really thought he could make it a few days at daycare until we could pick one up over the weekend. Luckily since it’s the frame that broke they are covered by warranty for a small price but we won’t be able to get the new frame until Monday. So he has 3 days, 4 if you count Monday since he won’t have them until after daycare, without them already.

I have no idea how to prevent them being broken constantly at daycare if getting him a strap doesn’t help. They want him to wear them unless he’s asleep but I can’t afford to keep buying glasses because I doubt the warranty will cover multiple pairs.

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