Tough Terrain

In my last post or two I talked about Little Mans shunt being stuck at a 6 and doing a follow up MRI in 2 months. His MRI is tomorrow, but last night he got sick. A week ago he started vomiting at night and of course as always my brain went straight to shunt problem. He ended up with diarrhea as well so we took him to his pediatrician and they didn’t see any neurological concerns so went with stomach bug and prescribed something for the vomiting. He did his nausea meds for the 3 days and his stomach had gotten better, no more vomiting after that and diarrhea cleared in about 3 days. With him getting sick last night I can’t help but think it’s too hard to believe this could still be a stomach bug a week later.

Being 2 and vomiting at night means it’s in the bed and on him so 1am bath time. Little Man has a thing where when I get him out of the tub and wrap him in a towel I hold him up in front of the mirror and say look at my clean boy. This morning, I was tired and wasn’t thinking about it. He however was and said mirror, so I obliged and when I said it and he started to smile then giggle I couldn’t hold it in. The tears flowed and my thoughts went to my baby boy enduring another brain surgery. I can’t help but worry that if he’s at the point of vomiting damage has been done. Hope that it’s something that can be fixed without permanent damage if that is the case, but until I see his MRI results tomorrow I’m going to be one stressed, worried, paranoid mama.

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