And then we were four

We had always planned on having two kids. When we had miscarriages before having Little Man and then the stress/paranoia I had the entire pregnancy we were thinking of about a two year gap before trying again. Once he was diagnosed with Hydro we started to think maybe we should wait a little longer.

Before Little Man turned two we found out I was pregnant again! Looks like our original plans decided to stick.

Sissy was born on what was Little Mans due date! Both pregnancies had similarities and differences. With Little Man I had practically no morning sickness, and had an easy pregnancy up until developing preeclampsia. They induced me early with Little Man because of the preeclampsia. With Sissy, I had morning sickness, and midday sickness, and evening sickness. It was miserable and they ended up putting me on a medication for it. I was also put on low dose aspirin at 12 weeks to help with my blood pressure since I had preeclampsia last pregnancy.

I developed polyhydramnios. An excess amount of amniotic fluid. Due to this I started to get more frequent appointments and ultra-scans to monitor my fluid levels. With the extra fluid my belly seemed to be getting bigger faster and a whole lot more stretch marks. I started to wonder if I was going to end up in the hospital early again.

I also had a few times my BP seemed high and called the dr. They had me go to the hospital and turns out buying one of the cheaper BP machines was the problem. The numbers did not match what the hospital was getting. My next appointment I took it with me to compare and it was the machine. I bought a better quality one and all was well. For a bit. It started to rise and they wanted to do a 24 hr collection to test my protein levels.

Between both the polyhydramnios and my BP starting to rise they were doing the 24 hr collection but also decided to go ahead and schedule me that week for induction.

Little Man was induced at 34 weeks, Sissy at 37. The second time went MUCH faster. Turns out I was already having contractions with Sissy and had no clue! I thought she kept pushing down into my hips and it was her causing the discomfort. When they started monitoring me at the hospital they asked how long I’d been having contractions and when I said I haven’t had anything they asked what I just felt!

They broke my water (turns out with a high fluid level you can “flood” the bed). Sorry if that’s TMI but you choose to keep reading a pregnancy related post! Then I was able to be moved to labor and delivery where I assumed I would be a while as I was with Little Man. I was wrong and Sissy was in my arms the same day!

During delivery my epidural worked so well I couldn’t lift or move my right leg at leg. Due to this the nurse had to help me hold it up when it was time to push and I couldn’t get out of the bed for a little bit since I couldn’t put weight on it.

They checked Sissy out and my heart sank when they said they were going to keep checking her because her breathing was a little off and it seemed she swallowed some fluid on the way out. I was not ready to have my baby girl be sent to the NICU. I couldn’t go through that again. I don’t remember if we waited in labor and delivery room for an hour or how long, but waiting for the verdict on her was stressful. She did improve by her “deadline” to determine if she was headed to NICU or not so we were in the clear! She was not going to be a NICU baby. That weight off my shoulders was amazing.

Having her in the recovery room was so nice! We made sure to keep the tv on so she would be used to noise and able to nap with Little Man playing. A few times the nurses asked if we wanted if off so everyone could sleep and we said no. It seemed to do the trick and she sleeps through a lot of the noises Jackson and the dogs make.

When it was time to go home it was like I’d never been through that before. I was a different world being able to go home together. I cried on the way home and I remember hubby asking what was wrong. Nothing is wrong, we are all going home together!

There was no pumping and delivering it to the NICU at each visit. No late nights so we could get a visit in after hubby got home from work. We were home, all of us.

Our family of four, at home, learning our new life.

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