Unexpected chaos

So we have the follow up MRI scheduled for June 11th to find out if the setting adjustment has worked to minimize or get rid of the subdural hematoma. Little Man had an appointment with the neurosurgeon office last week and since he is showing behavioral symptoms or shunt malfunction but there hasn’t/isn’t a malfunction they want him to see a neurologist. I kind of thought the office was one in the same but apparently the office visits we’ve been to are just neurosurgeon visits. Anyway, we got an appointment with a neurologist scheduled but we had to first schedule an EEG to be done before the neurologist will see him.

What on earth do I expect for an EEG for an hour for my 16 month old? It’s scheduled during his normal nap time which they said is a good thing. But if he’s all hooked up to wires I don’t think he’s going to go to sleep as easily as normal if at all. They said it will last an hour but is that in the door and out an hour later or is that the time for the test itself? I have a million questions I want to know.

Has anyone else been through this? Any advice or help with what I can expect?

3 thoughts on “Unexpected chaos

  1. My daughter had one after a suspected seizure while coming out of anesthesia. They used this nasty smelling play doh type stuff to attach electrodes to her scalp. They just sit on top, it doesn’t go into the skin or anything. Then they wrapped her whole head in gauze to keep everything in place. The electrodes are connected via wires to some machine that reads the stuff it measures. I laid on a regular patient bed while holding her. They turned down the lights and she went to sleep while I watched TV. The last ten minutes or so, they woke her up and had her look at a flashing strobe video. Then they removed the gauze, and used another equally gross smelling substance to get the play doh off. Don’t wear anything you don’t mind possibly getting stained with the removal gel.

    Worst part: the smell of the stuff they used to attach and remove the electrodes.

    Best part: getting to snuggle with my baby while watching TV for an hour.

    Good luck!!

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