Subdural Hematoma

Little Man has his MRI yesterday. My concern was his shunt was under draining…. I was wrong. We got some good news, his ventricles have stabilized since he was over draining. The bad news, the subdural hematoma that was caused by the over draining we found in March has also stabilized. It is the same size as it was just over a month ago. Since he’s been falling a good bit, there is also some new blood showing up in it. We were told that hitting his head having the subdural hematoma can cause more bleeding than if he didn’t have it. Little Man has never had a seizure. I know with having Hydro it’s more of a possibility, but she said having the bleeding from the falls to keep an eye out for seizures.

My poor little guy has been through so much and it seems like he can’t catch a break. Yet, he still smiles, laughs and remains the happy boy he is. When he has his moments you can tell he doesn’t feel good it hurts to see him like that. He is such a tough boy.

They bumped his setting up from a 5 to 6 hoping this will help getting rid of the subdural hematoma. We go back in 2 weeks if he’s not back to himself still and having his fussy, grabbing his head, not sleeping good times. The plan is to possibly bump it up to a 7 then and then wait till his next MRI in 4-6 weeks from now to see what’s going on.

Little Man doesn’t do so great with setting adjustments. The change makes him crankier, changes his sleep (he took a short morning nap before the neurologist appointment and still took a 3 hour afternoon nap), and it seems to just bother him overall at times.

I pray that this resolves itself, I’m pretty sure based on a little research that if adjusting the setting doesn’t fix it he will end up having another brain surgery. I’m not ready for another surgery, not that I ever will be. He is so close to making it a year to his first shuntiversary, and I know not everyone makes it that first year but I am really praying he does.

Praying over the next week or two he gets better and his subdural hematoma goes away. Will be back with updates on Little Man.

2 thoughts on “Subdural Hematoma

  1. Praying for good results on the next scan. Just curious-what made the Neuro team go with the programmable vs nonprogrammable shunt? My daughter has a non programmable and I just wondered what makes them pick one over the other.


    1. When the neurosurgeon found out we were doing a delayed vaccine schedule and he was “behind” on his vaccines he wanted to use the Codman Certas Plus because it has the Bactiseal Antimicrobial catheter. Other than that I honestly don’t know. I am so grateful that his is programmable so it can be adjusted without surgery. When he first got it they adjusted the setting one level at each visit so it was a gradual increase in draining as opposed to a sudden pressure change for him. When he was over draining it was a quick setting change to fix that. I know when ever something happens and it needs to be replaced I will request his next one be programmable as well. But I hope that it years down the road and there are better options. Maybe even one that’s similar to a pace maker and can transmit data to let you know it’s working without imaging!


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