Sleep Training Results

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Our first round of attempted sleep training failed. One thing we seem to have learned is our boy does things when he’s good and ready not when we are. It probably didn’t help that while attempting this the first time he ended up catching hand, foot and mouth disease. We gave up but a few weeks ago tried again. This time it went much smoother and was a success. We no longer cradle and rock him to sleep. He gets pjs on, teeth brushed then curls up with a giant stuffed elephant on our bed for bedtime stories. After his final story we lay him in the crib, pat his back for a few minutes until he starts to fade, then he’s on his own falling asleep the rest of the way. It only took I think 3 or 4 nights before it went perfectly smooth, but those first nights were not bad and nothing compared to the first time we tried to break the cradle and rock to sleep habit.

Sometimes if at first you don’t succeed take a break before trying again. Some kids don’t do so great when forced to change things when they aren’t ready. Mine is one of those and has proven that a few times.

He still is not sleeping through the night, however we don’t have to get out of bed unless he can’t locate his binkie then we just put it in front of him and walk back to bed. I am either just being paranoid or maybe I’m not and I am right or maybe I’m just crazy but I think him not sleeping all night is shunt related. He has an MRI and a follow up with his neuro next month and I plan to bring it up.

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