Ninja Smart Grill… first use!

I had been looking at getting something that was multi use and included a dehydrator. Someone suggested Ninja and when I found out they have an indoor grill they love it got me thinking. I must admit I do miss having someone who can grill…. and is good at it. I am terrible, I’ve tried a few times and either overcook and end up with dry meat or I have so many cuts in it to check on it I’ve butchered it. I looked at a ton of reviews and went with the Ninja Foodi Smart Grill XL. The main selling point for me was the “smart” lol. You (supposedly) can’t over cook meat on it. It has a meat thermometer and once it reaches the desired temp shuts off.

Thanks to the limited selection on a last minute trip to the grocery store I ended up with Filet Mignon! Might as well spoil myself with a nice steak dinner right? I was a little nervous, but I read the directions and was amazed at the outcome. I sprayed the grill grate with Pam grilling high heat formula before preheating. I used a smidge of butter rubbed on both sides to help the steak seasoning I picked out stick and got started. After turning on the unit you select your type of meat and the desired doneness. I used the manual to determine what setting I wanted and went with number 8 (medium well).

I followed the steps and allowed it to preheat and inserted the meat thermometer into the steak. Once it was done preheating it read “add food” on the screen (dummy proof!). I watched and as the steak cooked it showed not only the internal temp rising but also updated from rare to medium, etc as it cooked based on the internal temp!

I did make sure to flip it after about 5 minutes. Once it reached the correct temp it beeped, shut off and told me it was done!

When I opened the lid it started the “resting” timer so I didn’t have to keep an eye on that either. For those that don’t know (I just learned this by the way) some foods continue to cook once removed from the heat source and have certain times to “rest” before you cut in and start eating. So not only did this make grilling easier it also taught me a new lesson! Rest scrolled across the screen while it also displayed the timer.

The steak turned out amazing, definitely worth the purchase! Next I’m going to try my hand at dried green beans to hopefully help my kids, and myself eat more veggies.

I also picked out a few of the recipes in the book that was included I can’t wait to try.

All in all, I’m glad I made this purchase and I am finally able to be happy with what I grill.

September Already?

It’s hard to believe it’s September already!!! For some crazy reason I already have holiday baking on the brain. I think part of it is because I missed the last few years due to kids and last year just not being in the holiday spirit with the looming divorce.

This year, I’m already making my list of potential recipes and searching on Amazon for boxes to fill and give away to everyone. I want to try my hand at truffles this year as well as a few others, my sweet tooth will love them all.

I guess the holidays really start with Halloween and I’m not sure I’m even going to get costumes for the kids this year with the whole COVID situation I won’t be taking them to any fall carnivals and don’t see a point in spending the money on costumes just to snap a picture. I’m thinking pumpkin carving, a little house decorating and leave it at that for Halloween this year.

I’m not sure if or when the holidays will ever be the same as they were, but I look forward to starting new traditions this year and doing it with my kids.

Divorced with kids

I’m not sure if and/or when I will get used to “sharing” my kids. Having nights where they aren’t with me and not by choice is still hard for me. I thought by now I would be used to it, but I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I like these breaks to be able to relax….. wait, did I say relax? I think I meant get caught up on things! Honestly I do try and relax a little when they are with their dad. Majority of it is keeping busy doing things that are easier when I don’t have them such as yard work, cleaning (without the re-cleaning within 10 minutes), grocery and household shopping and whatever else I can find. All of that is a mix of it needs to get done and I need to keep busy so I don’t feel lonely.

I have found that sometimes watching videos I have of the kids helps. I also had to start taking melatonin to sleep at night when they aren’t home. Even if I turn on their lullabies it’s still too “quiet” without them home.

Am I crazy? So many people so enjoy the break, take the time to be wild and crazy. As good as that sounds it just doesn’t…. hit the spot I guess is the best explanation. Is it just me, if not how long does it take to not miss them each weekend? Does it ever go away?

Life’s Adjustments

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted so figured it was time to get back into it. With the divorce still going on I feel like a mix of still adjusting and I’ve got this.

Little Man has been doing great. He was evaluated by a neuropsychologist and they diagnosed him with ADHD and said he’s showing some markers for Autism. Not enough to diagnosis him but enough to keep and eye on and might lead to a diagnosis next year when he gets re-evaluated. She also recommended I get him enrolled in the development delayed preschool which starts at age 3 to help him with adjusting to school. She also suggested he begin speech and occupational therapy. With everything going on with COVID it’s been hard to get everything going with those and I was making calls and sending emails like crazy to get this rolling. I finally got a break when my sister said a friend of hers recommended a charter school that offers all of that.

Sissy is doing great, she’s running around and chasing Little Man all around the house. Her last two appointments they have been watching her iron levels and with how low they are trying to add as much iron as I can with how picky she can be. The two “favorites” we seem to be enjoying from the list of recommended foods from the pediatrician are spinach and hummus. I’ve started making smoothies again and adding in the spinach for mine and the kids. Both kids love smoothies so it’s been easy to get those servings in and Little Man loves to help with making them. I’m not a fan of hummus but picked some up and when I was cutting up strawberries to freeze them for smoothies Sissy was ready for snack so I thought why not…. I dipped a piece of strawberry in the hummus and let her try. At first she spit it out but the hummus stayed in her mouth and only the strawberry cake out lol. She reached for the strawberry and ate it, then she was hooked. She would eat a piece then reach for more.

Now for me….. man have I been busy. I’ve almost gotten the front yard “up to par”. I’ve been mowing and staying on top of that but the edging and trimming have been neglected for a long time. I managed to get all of the edging done (it was so bad it was meeting together in the middle of the sidewalk in places). It took about 4 yard waste bags just for the sidewalk, not counting the driveway and roadway. Then spent some hours getting the front walk, driveway and sidewalk pressure washed. It feels good to get home and see how much progress I’ve done, and I’ve done on my own. Makes me feel proud of myself to see what I’ve accomplished and maintained.

Next is to clean up along the house and eventually install a rock bed with potted plants. I hope doing it that way it’s less weeding for me to keep up with. I also want to do a rock bed around the AC unit in the back and a fence or lattice around it.

Well that’s the just of what’s going on here. Thinking I might start posting some recipes in the near future and hopefully this time keep up with posting on here.

2020, New Year, New Me

I’ve never really been a fan of New Years resolutions, but this year I’m going to “take advantage” of the new year. I’ve decided that I need to do whatever it takes to make me happy and do what’s important for my kids. After all if mommas not happy it makes parenting that much harder.

I’m not making a New Years resolution, but I am going to continue to work on myself. Continue to see a counselor, work on myself mentally and work on improving my good qualities and getting past bad habits.

I did jump on the new year, new fitness bandwagon though. I started a 30 day overall beginner fitness challenge. I decided to start on New Years Day for a few reasons. One, starting day one on the first of the month makes it easier to remember what day I’m on. Two, I figure I can do one 30 day challenge a month. Not all will be fitness related, some will be a mental/emotional challenge, some a relaxation challenge. I choose to start with a fitness challenge because physical activity does make you feel better. I started with an easy/beginner one so each day as it progresses I can continue to be proud of myself for what I’m accomplishing. It also gives me a baseline for what I can do.

In working on being happy and less stressed I have also decided that I need to work on not over analyzing things so much. Even thinking into someone’s actions and possible outcomes of how it could affect me. It just causes more stress and worry and I don’t need that. That’s part of why my 30 day challenges will include mental/emotional challenges, just not sure how or what yet.

Have you ever done a 30 day challenge? Did you make it through all 30 days? Was it easier or harder than you anticipated?

Do you have any suggestions for 30 day challenges I could do?

Upcoming Girls Weekend

I cannot wait!!!! I need a weekend getaway like a light needs power to turn on. Since I’m still nursing Sissy at night we are planning this for after she’s a year old so I don’t have to worry about trying to pump or have any issues with drinking when I want or have any restraints.

It’s going to be interesting, it started with me and one friend talking about needing a weekend getaway, which led to a girls weekend. Neither of us are really social butterflies so we each have one other friend we invited. We are planning to go horseback riding one morning so inviting a friend that also rides was a limiting factor as well. Having four ladies and two only knowing one of us will be interesting.

It’s going to be a short trip, just Friday night to Sunday morning. Saturday morning will be a trail ride booked, but the rest is up in the air. I’m thinking drinks are a must, and debating on a game like Cards Against Humanities to maybe be an ice breaker.

Anyone have any thoughts for four ladies who don’t know each other????

Routine for Kids during Separation

Being currently separated I am trying my best to keep things as normal and routine for the kids. I stick to bedtime and every night I deal with Little Man getting his eye patch on top of making sure bottles are washed, dirty clothes from the day are stain treated so the spit up doesn’t settle in and ruin the clothes. When I plan a fun outing I doing it so it works around nap time and doesn’t mess with their routines. Their father on the other hand has done the complete opposite tonight and I’m so frustrated. I was scheduled to work late so asked him if he could take off early (with his work schedule he is never able to pick up the kids after work) and pick up the kids then he could take Little Man with him once I got home from work. He fed Sissy and got her down for bed, and he took the dog out. Didn’t wash or even rinse bottles from the day, their dirty soiled clothes (Little Man must have leaked through his pull up and they put it in a plastic bag so the smell is confined and is harsh) were still in their bags. He didn’t stick around to help out at all, and then proceeded to skip doing Little Mans eye patch so they could go out and have fun which also led to him being out well past his bedtime.

I’m so pissed off that not only did he not help out with taking care of his kids things for the day (when he has them on Tuesdays as his day with them he does it, so to me picking up the kids on a Friday he has them so he is responsible for that) but then proceeds to skip a medical treatment which I have found when he skips one night of wearing the patch Little Man takes that and runs with it not wanting it the next night either. So I’m the one left to have that battle because their father isn’t around for that fun. Top it off with going to bed late which most likely will lead to nap being off tomorrow which will most likely follow with bedtime being off for me so he gets to have fun while I get to battle getting everything back on track.

I feel so abused (no not physically, but emotionally) because I’m trying to do everything I can to keep things as normal as possible for the kids, keep the things that have to be done around the house done, and he gets to do crap like this. I feel like he is being selfish with this whole thing tonight. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that, but I don’t think he realizes how him having his fun time will affect Little Man and how it will affect me with Little Man tomorrow. But as he says, it will be fine. I hope for his sake it is.

Toddler Vision

Little Man has been doing great wearing his glasses, not as great with having his eye patched. We are supposed to be patching his good eye for an hour a day, he lasts about 30 minutes. Week does there just instant time to patch it twice to get the hour but days at home sometimes we manage to get a total of an hour. He still squints occasionally and I’m not sure if it’s just his vision still adjusting or something else.

We managed to get an appointment with an optometrist who specializes in neurological conditions but we still have over a month to go before our appointment. I just hope by then no permanent damage has been done in the event there is an underlying condition causing his vision changes.

I’ve noticed he seems to be rubbing his eyes more as well and I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not. I tend to over analyze but at the same time with him I feel if I don’t I could miss something important.

His appointment gets closer every day, but the wait frustrates me.

Am I crazy?

I don’t know why but even after all that has and is happening I really want to save my marriage. I want to make it work, to fix it, to become better. I still love my husband so much and Ive taken him for granted and haven’t shown it enough, but I want to change that. I want to know that he’s willing to try and fix it too, to allow us to be a family, and to prove to me that he is sorry for his actions. Unfortunately I’m waiting on him to decide if he’s giving up or willing to give it another chance. The wait is killing me, my stress levels are insane as I wait on him to decide what we are doing. Granted if he decides to give it another go I do still have to make the final decision to forgive or move past his actions but as long as he can prove to me that he will be honest and not hide anything I think I can handle that for us. Am I crazy? Maybe I am, but my kids deserve to have a home with both parents to care for them if at all possible. It wouldn’t be fair for them to be passed back and forth and alternate holidays. They are so young right now I can’t imagine how it will affect them.

I wish I knew how I could convince him that I truly believe we can fix this. I hope he gives us a chance and he makes that decision soon, before it takes any more toll on the entire family with the stress of the situation.

What have I done, what do I do?

I don’t even know where to begin. I guess with the current situation….. I’m getting a divorce, I’m going to be a single mom of an almost 3 year old and a 9 month old. Up until a few hours ago I knew it was a possibility. We’ve been having marriage problems, but I thought we had a chance and could fix things with seeing a counselor, getting professional help. Up until a few hours ago I had my suspicions but I let love cloud my judgement. I knew I wasn’t giving him what he needed so I should have known he would seek it elsewhere. We were on a 2 week “separation” with the agreement to not have outside emotional or physical relationships while he decided if he wanted to give up on us or try and fix our relationship. Little did I know he’s been having an emotional relationship with someone he met in an online game. Someone who he told a friend is like a drug to him, he craves those conversations and FaceTime chats. I shouldn’t be surprised I found that message but it still hurts incredibly deeply. What hurts even more is for some stupid reason I still feel like I love him. Why does part of me want to still fix us? Why do I still want us to be a family? Don’t get me wrong I’m planning on divorce with a fight for full custody. I won’t deny our kids knowing their father, but I want it to be on my terms. How can I trust that a man who can’t have self control, be honest, loyal, faithful, and respect his own wife can have my kids best interest at heart. He couldn’t even tell me he would quit talking to her until he could fix himself. If he truly wanted to fix himself and see a counselor wouldn’t step one be to end your affair and start to become an honest person? To show you do want to get help, by taking that first step to show you honestly do want to work on yourself.

My kids deserve to be cared for and fought for when it comes to everything. Looking back I wonder if I’ve been the one making all the phone calls trying to get my son into the eye specialist that is so good he’s booked out for months. Am I the only one fighting for him because my husband has been to preoccupied chasing an emotional relationship outside of his marriage? I understand with his work schedule, he works 4 days a week, 10 hour days, he can’t make phone calls at work. But he gets an hour lunch each day and has 2 week days he’s off that he can make phone calls. If he truly had their best interests at heart wouldn’t he take those times to do anything for them to get the best care. An hour lunch break is more than enough time to eat and make phone calls. I know because I’ve been doing it, I’ve been making those calls checking for a cancellation, getting records faxed here, records faxed there, calling and begging them to understand the records might not show an issue but I’m his mother and I can tell something is going on. Where is my husband in this battle? Where is their father?

I’m so upset, hurt, angry, betrayed.How do I begin to mend?